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HPS Imperator Distributor | Electric Supply & Equipment - Electric Supply Equipment Co

HPS Imperator Distributor | Electric Supply & Equipment

HPS Imperator - Molded Machine Tool Industrial Control Transformer by Hammond Power Solutions

The HPS Imperator™ series of machine tool rated industrial control transformers are specifically designed to meet high inrush industrial applications where electromagnetic components such as relay, solenoids and magnetic motor starters are used. With 11 standard voltage groups, a VA range from 50VA to 1500VA and available with standard secondary and optional primary fuse kits, the HPS Imperator™ series provides the perfect solution for any application. The HPS Imperator’s unique terminal block design allows for the quick and easy installation of standard secondary or optional primary 13/32″ x 1 1/2″ midget/type CC fuse clips on every unit. This is the simplest and most inexpensive fusing installation provided on any industrial control transformer in the market today.