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Power Generation Systems

The need for power generation has never been greater. Whether generating power for customers or your operations, you must improve operational efficiency and keep up with evolving regulations despite aging assets and shrinking resources. Intelligent systems and technologies available today allow you to transform your operations, increasing visibility and automating key processes to maximize reliability and productivity.

Does a lack of visibility make it hard for you to combat cyberattacks, ensure asset availability, or operate sustainably? Intelligent, data-driven systems help maximize operational efficiency while keeping generating assets safe and secure. Whether you would like to reduce your energy consumption and waste, modernize legacy assets, or make better use of the data you generate, we can help.



Power Generation Products & Solutions

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Network Security

A Fast, Easy, Simple Solution that Delivers 100% Visibility into Industrial Networks. Rockwell Automation's VDS (Vulnerability Discovery Survey) is a highly flexible, Windows-based edge data collector that delivers 100% visibility into industrial networks in just minutes without requiring network changes, utilizing sensors, or having any physical footprint whatsoever.

This fast and easy solution can be deployed to run on-premises or via SaaS to reveal in-depth details on both managed and unmanaged industrial assets that could otherwise only be discovered — if at all — via methods that may not always be ideal or desirable for all networks and use cases under all circumstances.

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