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Regal Rexnord Distributor | Electric Supply & Equipment - Electric Supply Equipment Co

Regal Rexnord Distributor | Electric Supply & Equipment

Regal Rexnord - Creating a Better Tomorrow

Regal (Beloit) Rexnord have a shared purpose: Create a better tomorrow with sustainable solutions that power, transmit, control, and automate motion. We are a leading, global manufacturer of airflow, motion control, power transmission, and power generation solutions used in commercial, industrial and residential settings. Their products enable the fans in HVAC systems that keep us comfortable; the power source that keeps smart buildings running; the agricultural and food service equipment that keeps us fed; and the conveyor systems that keep e-commerce flowing. Regal Rexnord is comprised of four operating segments: Automation & Motion Control, Industrial Powertrain Solutions, Power Efficiency Solutions and Industrial Systems.

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