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Returns Policy | Electric Supply & equipment

Return Policy

This policy defines the conditions under which material may be returned to ES&E. By following this policy, customer returns and credits may be issued promptly and efficiently, minimizing the handling costs. Our return policy applies to orders within 60 days of shipment to the customer and is subject to change without notice due to manufacturer return policy changes.

Please get in touch with ES&E to request a return merchandise number. Do not send the material back without obtaining this RM number first. Failure to get prior approval before sending material back to ES&E could result in the material being returned to the customer and credit being denied or delayed.

Items normally stocked by ES&E can be returned, provided the material is:

  • In the unmarked, original carton and some cases, the factory seal should not be broken
  • A current series
  • Not damaged or power applied
  • All manuals and installation instructions must be returned with the product
    *Material is subject to a restocking charge upon inspection by ES&E. In addition to a restocking fee, a testing fee may also apply to some returned items.

Non-stock items, items shipped directly from the manufacturer, or large quantities will be subject to the manufacturer's terms and conditions for material return. This may include a restocking charge and/or a testing fee, as well as freight.

ES&E RM numbers are valid for 30 days. If the material has not been returned or is ready for pick up by ES&E 30 days after the RM has been entered, then the RM will be canceled.

Other than ES&E errors, customers are responsible for ensuring that material is returned to ES&E within these 30 days.

Issuing an RM number and accepting returned material does not guarantee credit, so credits should not be considered. Credit will be issued to the customer once the material is deemed returnable to ES&E inventory or the manufacturer issues credit to ES&E.

Contact ES&E for the return of defective or warranty products, as these policies vary by manufacturer.