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Southwire Coilpaks and Carts

The SIMpull CoilPAK and the SIMpull CoilPAKMini eliminates the need for spools and provides an easy-to-handle package, weighing around 50 and 25 pounds respectively. The CoilPAK and CoilPAK Mini features NoLube® SIMpull THHN® circuit wire, provides an ergonomic design for pulling wire out of the package and into the conduit. The built-in handle allows for easy jobsite maneuverability and the fully encased, durable, recycled plastic packaging protects the wire- offering multiple pulling options. The SIMpull CoilPAK and the SIMpull CoilPAK Mini wire are available in solid or stranded, SIMpull Cu THHN, single or multiple wire packages with stripe neutral options. No additional tooling is required.

Couple the Simpull Cart with either the Simpull CoilPAKs or CoilPAK Minis to make storage and transportation of wire easier, safier, and more productive. The rugged Simpull CK01 wire cart transport system holds 8 CoilPAKS. The unique wire pulling system integrated into the cart allows you to pull the wires at any angle for the perfect pull and cut every time.


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