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VFD Capacitor Reforming Service


Don't be caught with drives in storage that won't start up.

VFD's that have been in storage for more than two years may have degraded capacitors that need to be reformed. ES&E's capacitor reforming service can ensure that your spares will perform when needed to avoid downtime and decreased product life.


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Rockwell Automation Learning Plus

Rockwell Learning+

Flexible, On-demand Training Solutions

E-learning courses encompass various fundamental and product-specific automation technology subjects, providing a top-tier training solution directly to the plant floor or the preferred location.

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ES&E Knowledge Base


Find your favorite Industrial Automation Specialist providing product updates, tips, tricks, and tools. We arecommitted to providing the highest level of support possible, and always want to be your first point of contact.

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ES&E has expanded our Services & Solutions.

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Installed Base Evaluation

Are you experiencing long lead times, shipment date changes, obsolete parts, or lack of critical spares? Then it’s time for an ES&E IBE to help address your supply chain issues. Let ES&E ease supply chain uncertainty with an Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) to identify your plant’s current and future risks.

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Repairs and Assets

Supply chain issues have pressured manufacturers to maintain or even increase production levels. But how can you keep operations running if you're experiencing problems with the supply chain? Challenges in obtaining raw materials are one thing, but what about the industrial components you use to run your production lines?

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Storeroom Solutions

Our various hardware solutions ensure your facility has precisely what it needs for your budget and equipment.  Intelligent lockers, shelving, and vending provide automated inventory control, asset management, and cost-tracking solutions.  Eliminate the inefficiency of manual tracking; these secure solutions prevent waste and provide real-time usage information. 

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