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Industrial Markets Products & Solutions

Electric Supply & Equipment is a full-line wholesale electrical distributor offering a variety of automation control, utility equipment, and electrical supplies for industrial contractors, manufacturers, integrators, and professional electricians. ES&E specializes in providing electrical devices, automation solutions, and value-added services to help support your application. Through our quality products, dedicated employees, extensive knowledge, and commitment to service & technical support, Electric Supply & Equipment Co. provides the best value to our customers.

Why Electric Supply & Equipment?

At ES&E, we aim to save our customers time and money so they can run more efficiently. Being a key player in the supply chain for electrical equipment and supplies, our expert sales team delivers the fundamental guidance and customer support needed to automate the industrial contractor and manufacturing industry. By choosing Electric Supply & Equipment in Greensboro, NC, we help you grow and expand your business beyond your expectations, whether with automation services for digital transformation or with power & electrical supplies.

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Aerospace Manufacturing

In the coming decades, your aerospace manufacturing operations will need to reach new heights. 

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Smart Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive space is exciting, but constant changes in technology and disruption can be challenging. 

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Cement Plant Automation

In today's competitive marketplace, companies like yours must continue to innovate to improve productivity, increase revenue, and differentiate their products.

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Chemical Production Solutions

We’ve seen the global demand for chemical products grow, and with that growth comes new business challenges and demands.

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Fiber & Textiles Manufacturing

With expertise in the textiles industry, we offer a range of automation and control solutions specifically for fiber and textile manufacturing and processing that can improve your operation.

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Food & Beverage Automation

Consumers continually seek the new and different, prioritizing taste and nutritional value. 

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Household & Personal Care

Manufacturing automation and control solutions address your challenges and help shorten product lifecycles while improving time-to-market for soaps, cosmetics, detergents, toiletries, waxes, and chemical specialties. 

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To meet your challenges, you must increase throughput and efficiency, minimize material costs, and achieve high reliability within tight deadlines. 

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Life Science Manufacturing

Faster launches. Personalized medicine. Fewer supply chain disruptions. The demands of life sciences manufacturing have grown.

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Metal Processing Automation

Steel producers today are dealing with many challenges, which are being made even more complex by trade challenges, aging workforces approaching retirement, and the market still expressing concern about overcapacity.

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Oil & Gas

In a dynamic global industry like oil and gas, you must manage costs, extract the most value possible from current assets, and maximize uptime.

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Power Generation Systems

The need for power generation has never been greater. Whether generating power for customers or your operations, you must improve operational efficiency and keep up with evolving regulations despite aging assets and shrinking resources.
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Automated Printing & Publishing

Newspapers, magazines, and catalogs circulate in a media-intensive environment. We understand that your publications must provide high-quality content and act as flexible, targeted advertising and sales vehicles to be competitive.

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Pulp & Paper Production

In an evolving industry like Pulp and Paper Production, you must keep up with the global competition, get the most value possible from your current assets, and improve reliability.

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Semiconductor Production

The scale and complexity of these semiconductor fab greenfield and brownfield projects enabled by CHIPS Act funding cannot be underestimated.

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Warehouse & Fulfillment Automation

Advanced automation and information solutions continue to transform how we approach warehousing, supply chain, and logistics. 

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Automated Water & Wastewater

Your industrial water treatment systems can run at peak efficiency and lower overall costs with our power and process control systems.


Electric Supply & Equipment

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